The Autobonder® 2040 is a Dual Cartridge Dispensing Machine used to dispense two-part adhesives such as epoxies, Tuffbond® and Fusionbond®. The 2040 consistently dispenses precise amounts of dual-component, 1-to-1 ratio adhesives with every shot and uses a disposable static mixer to keep it maintenance free. The Autobonder® 2040 increases productivity as it is accurately controlled via a PC and a foot pedal keeping it hands free.


  • Adjustable solid-state, six function timer with timing ranges from .01 seconds to 9,999 hours
  • Repeat accuracy +/- 0.3%
  • Offers precise dispensing for 400ml cartridge dual component adhesives
  • Offers consistent 1-to-1 ration adhesive mixture
  • Roller “Pinch Valve” creates “Pull Back” effect reducing tail off and waste
  • Air pressure (maximum): 100 PSI
  • Ram Pressure (recommended): 40 PSI
System Includes:
  • Autobonder® 2040 dispensing machine
  • Autobonder® 2111 controller
  • Power cord
  • Switch pedal
  • Pneumatic tubing to connect Autobonder® 2111
  • Pinch tube static mixer
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