The Autobonder® 2040 is a Dual Cartridge Dispensing Machine used to dispense two-part adhesives. Autobonder® 2040 supports standard ratio syringes of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 in 400 ml sizes with optional custom piston sets. Making use of a disposable static mixer keeps maintenance minimal and allows for instant purging by simply replacing the mixing wand.

The Autobonder® 2040 increases productivity as it is accurately controlled via a PC and a foot pedal keeping operator’s hands free. The control box includes a six function timer and the system offers repeat accuracy of +/- 0.3%. The Autobonder® 2040 uses a roller “pinch valve” to create “pull back” at the end of each dispensation.


Features and Specs:
  • Solid-state timer ranges from .01 Sec. – 9,999 hours
  • Repeat accuracy +/- 0.3%
  • Consistent syringe ratio adhesive mixture
  • Pull back effect reduces tail off and waste
  • Air pressure (maximum): 100 PSI
  • Ram pressure (recommended): 40 PSI
  • Supports 400 ml cartridge dual component adhesives
System Includes:
  • Autobonder® 2040
  • Control box
  • Power cord
  • Foot switch
  • Pneumatic tubing
Autobonders and Components
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