Autobonder 21012101

The Autobonder® 2101 is a programmable controller that provides On/Off digital timing options including Manual Mode, Time Mode, and Time Programming.

  • Manual Mode: This will override the timer circuitry and give complete control of the dispensing to the operator through the use of the foot switch.
  • Time Mode: Upon activation of the foot switch the solenoid of the controller turns on the dispense air which opens the dispensing valve and begins the flow of material from the needle tip for the set interval of time. After elapse of the pre-set time, the solenoid of the controller shuts off the dispense air which closes the dispensing valve and ends the flow of the material.
  • Time Programming: The timer can range anywhere between 00.01 seconds and 99.99 seconds, to change push either 1,2,3,4 to change the time. 1 sets hundredths of seconds, 2 sets tenths of seconds, and 3 and 4 set seconds respectively.


  • Vacuum “pull back” for accurately controlled dispense volumes.
  • Continuous or Timed Modes.
  • Optional syringe sizes.
  • Optional: 0-30psi or 0-100psi versions for compatibility of materials with different viscosities.
  • Optional: 120V or 230V
System Includes
  • Foot Switch
  • Two 30cc Dispensing Syringes
  • Syringe Adapter
  • Interconnect Tubing and Connectors
  • Aluminum Syringe Stand
  • Needle Kit


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Data Sheets and Manuals

2101 Data Sheet
2101 Manual
2101 in 3D PDF (Internet Explorer only)

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