The Autobonder® 2511 is a programmable controller that provides detailed control over adhesive flow from multiple reservoirs. This machine supports the application of two separate single component adhesives at once. Originally designed for speaker manufacturers, turntables of different sizes can be used to apply adhesives to different parts or two turntables of the same size can be used to double production capacity. Flow rate, pressure, aperture gauge, dispensing location, dispensing time, rotation speed, start/stop and types of adhesives are all at your command with this assembly assisting machine.

  • Innovative design allows the Autobonder 2511 to be reconfigured for different operations
  • Double production capacity
  • Consistent application on circular or disc shaped parts
  • Reservoirs allow for drop and load refills with standard Hernon adhesive containers
  • Interchangeable needle tips allow for variable bead diameters
  • Digital timer with multiple timing functions and ranges
  • Unit weighs 65 lbs and measures 23″ long, 22″ wide and 23.5″ tall
Recommended System
  • Foot Switch
  • Reservoir R125
  • Sureshot® Valve
  • Tubing
  • Stand
  • Needle Kit


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