Autosealer 2600-8502600-850

The Autosealer® 2600-850 is a high viscosity material and paste dispenser designed to pre-apply thread-lockers and sealants to a variety of different diameter pipes and fittings. The pneumatically charged 850 ml material cartridge on this version ensures fewer refills and reduced downtime when refills are necessary. Consistent air pressure ensures a smooth even coat of material around the entire surface of the threads and allows minute control over flow rate which ultimately reduces waste and environmental degradation. This system is ideal for anaerobically curing high viscosity materials that can be applied to pipes and fittings in mass and then transported to the build site or stored for use at a later date. Easily apply materials to different diameter substrates by simply turning the dispensing knob to lock in a different size cylinder well and dispensing aperture.

Features and Benefits
  • Produce more parts and reduce process time
  • Improve product quality from more precise, accurate dispensing control
  • Prepare for incoming orders by pre-applying anaerobic threadlockers and sealants
  • Suitable for many fluid dispensing applications, from inline to batching
System Description

A turret head with a cavity for each size of pipe thread is attached to the output of an air actuated, positive-displacement pump. The operator merely presses a fitting down into the correct cavity. The downward motion of the turret depresses a switch that actuates the piston pump causing a metered amount of product to be dispensed. When the fitting is removed, the pump will reset, ready for another cycle. The Autosealer® 2600-850 is designed to dispense high viscosity materials such as Hernon’s Dripstop® 940 thread sealant or Hernon’s variety of thread-lockers.

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