The Autosealer 2650 is a control unit for applying sealant to pipe thread nipples, using the Sureshot 4000 Jetting Device. The Autosealer 2650 allows control through included PLC and can be triggered through Manual Control with a footswitch and/or PLC/HMI color touch screen button.
Features and Benefits
  • Produce more parts and reduce process time
  • Improve product quality from more precise, accurate dispensing control
  • Compatible with all Hernon Manufacturing syringes and dispense valves
  • Adaptable for different fluid viscosity
System Includes
  • R125 Reservoir
  • Standard Regulator Kit (0-30psi)
  • ¼” Dispense Tube Fitting Thermocouple
  • No Sensor (Sensor Optional)
  • Dispense Tubing 5ft (white Teflon®) ¼” O.D. x 0.15
  • Sureshot® 4000-T (straight) Teflon® piston
  • ¼” NPT x ¼” Tube x 90° Kynar® Fitting
  • (2) ⅛” Male ¼” Tube Push-To-Connect (straight)
  • (2) Pneumatic Tubing 5ft (cut to desired length)
  • ¼” O.D. Male Quick-Disconnect
  • Foot Pedal
  • Autosealer 2650 Controller
  • Power Cable (not shown)
  • Wiper Arm
  • (Custom option) Spindle Tooling (for ¾” Pipe Nipple)
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Data Sheets and Manuals

2650 Data Sheet
2650 Manual

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