The Autobonder® 2700 is an innovative addition to our existing line-up of Autobonder® adhesive dispensing equipment. What makes the Autobonder® 2700 unique is its ability to mix two independently dispensed adhesives within the dispensing syringe. This means that customers can increase efficiency and reduce waste by mixing and dispensing only the quantity they need.

  • Infinite mixing ratio control
  • User friendly color touch screen control
  • Remote start / stop
  • Uses standard low cost disposable static mixer tips
  • Programmable snuff back dispense control
  • Timer , volume, and continuous dispense modes
  • Metered volume precision / shots and or continuous;
  • Programmable surface matching volume / dispense speed
  • Precision dispense mixing within microliters
  • Portable bench top system
  • Auto dispense sequence / or foot switch initiate
  • Standard 2 x 3 gallon 316SS reservoirs
  • Power input 90-240 vac 50/60 hz single phase
  • Compatible with two parts systems from 5 – 14,000 cp
  • Automatic and manual dispense functions for jog, purge



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