400 ml 2 Part Manual Dispensing Gun

Hernon Manufacturing’s precision fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the squeeze bottles, swabs and hand syringes often used in manual assembly processes. Compatible with standard 400 ml adhesive and sealant bottles, this dispensing gun supports two part static mixing of materials in a one to one ratio. Manual pressure application ensures that you never run out of batteries or need to refill an air tank to support pneumatic dispensing. Always ready to go, this dispensing gun is able to be picked up at will, set down anywhere, or move to any part of the build instantly with the operator.

Part number: 110-022

Features and Benefits
  • Manual control for use on multiple unique/custom manufacturing projects
  • Precise pressure control allows instant changes in dispensing flow
  • Compatible with standard 400 ml dispensing bottles
Manual Applications
  • Dots
  • Lines
  • Sealing
Fluid/Paste Dispensers
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