The Hernon® RotoCoater® 500 uses a small, precision air motor to spin a dispersion cup which is inserted into the Ф1/8” bore. The Hernon® Sureshot® 2200 valve then delivers a metered amount of material to the cup that evenly coats the inner surface of the bore. The dispenser cup prevents over-spray and applies a uniform, controlled bead of adhesive. The RotoCoater® system allows for quick cycle times.
  • Weight Approx: 8.37 oz (237.3 grams)
  • Motor Air Pressure (max): 100PSI
  • Hernon® Sureshot® dispensing valve (max): 70PSI
  • Dispensing microtip or dispensing needle (Depending on style)
  • Spinner diameter from .250” to .500”
  • Tip length from 2.013” to 3.325” (Depending on style)
System Includes
  • Air motor
  • Motor mounting bracket
  • Hernon® Sureshot® dispensing valve
  • Dispensing needle
  • Needle Kit
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RC 500 Data Sheet
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