Autosealer 52505250

The Autosealer® 5250 is a highly specialized shotgun shell primer sealing system. The unique flexible design supports multiple gauges of shotgun shells and can seal up to 80 rounds per minute. Like all of our ammunition sealing machines, safeguards ensure extra protection for live ammunition being processed. The Autosealer® 5250 utilizes Hernon Ultraspot® 1000 UV curing system to ensure the sealant on each primer cap is cured and ready for shipping and handling right off the manufacturing line. Hernon’s expert engineers also offer custom integration and retrofitting to work with existing manufacturing systems and make the most out of each customer’s existing infrastructure.
  • Can seal multiple shotgun shell gauges
  • Can seal up to 80 shells per minute
  • Built in safety features to protect live ammunition
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Sureshot™ 3500 microjet dispensing technology
  • Utilizes Hernon’s Ultraspot® 1000 fiberoptic UV curing system

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