The RotoCoater® 750 uses a bigger and more powerful air motor than the 500 to spin a larger dispersion cup which is inserted into a recessed area. The attached Sureshot® valve then delivers a metered amount of material to the cup that evenly coats the inner surface of the bore. The dispersion cup prevents overspray and applies a uniform layer of material.

The RotoCoater® can be used with a wide-range of adhesives, sealants, oil, or just about any liquid material. Each RotoCoater® 750 is customized for each application. Complete systems can be designed that apply materials to multiple bores in one cycle simultaneously.

Features and Specs
  • Weight Approx: 8.37 oz (237.3 grams)
  • Motor Air Pressure (max): 100PSI
  • Sureshot® dispensing valve (max): 70PSI
  • Dispensing microtip or dispensing needle (Style A: 14-24 gauge)
  • Spinner diameter from .750” to 2.0”
  • Cup diameter from .310” to 2.000”
  • Tip length from 3.010” to 5.010” (Depending on style)
System Includes
  • Air Motor
  • 1/4” dia. spindle collet
  • Dispersion cup
  • Motor mounting bracket
  • Sureshot® dispensing valve
  • Needle Kit Style A: Needle Kit 2 Style B&C: Needle kit 4
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