The Hernon RotoCoater™ is a non-contact dispensing unit designed to apply sealant or adhesive to a bore. The RotoCoater™ consists of an air motor, dispersion cup, and Hernon Sureshot™ dispensing valve. The customizable RotoCoater™ dispenser can be used as part of a stock dispensing system for a single bore application, or as part of a turn-key, complete dispensing solution to apply material to multiple bores simultaneously.
Features and Benefits
  • High speed, precise application of sealant or adhesive to bores (bores .375 dia. and up), no over spray
  • Short cycle times
  • Controlled bead width application in hard-to-reach recesses
  • Easy cleanup, low maintenance
  • Use with a variety of materials
  • Tip not included
System Includes
  • Air Motor
  • 1/4” dia. spindle collet
  • Motor mounting bracket
  • Sureshot 2200 dispense valve
  • Needle Kit Style A: Needle Kit 2 Style B&C: Needle kit 4
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