2010 (Rambo)

The Rambo Series is designed to deliver high viscosity materials such as Gasket Replacer or Dripstop at high volume for robotic operations.

Features and Benefits
  • Fully pneumatic dispensing system
  • Repeat accuracy of +/- 0.3
  • Adjustable shop air pressure from 0-100 psi to create dispense pressure 350 psi
  • Dispenses very high viscosity adhesives and sealants such as Hernon Gasket Replacer 910
  • Utilizes 1,000 ml poly-pak containers to minimize waste and for ease of replacement
  • Excellent for use in heavy volume production lines.
System Includes
  • 2010 (Rambo)
  • Sureshot 4000-T
  • Hoses & connectors
2010 (Rambo)
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