The Sureshot 3500 Controller is a control unit for the semi-automatic dispensing of sealant through the Sureshot 3500 Jetting Device. It utilizes a pressurized reservoir and an electronic timer to accurately control dispense volume, and is activated with the included foot pedal switch. The device allows control through the included PLC, an External I/O Port, and/or manual control with a footswitch.

The Sureshot 3500 Controller is available in both single-valve and dual-valve configurations. The SS3500 series dispense valve systems accurately control the application of low viscosity fluids and is recommended for ammunition sealant. This valve system has been redesigned and is now repairable. Easily clear a clogged or cured tip by replacing the Jet Guard.


Features and Benefits
  • New repairable design!
  • Now includes five Jet Guard replacements
  • Compact weight and size
  • Adjustable fluid flow control
  • Positive shutoff, no seals
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cycle rate exceeds 500/minute
Technical Information
  • Length: 1.406” (35.7mm)
  • Width: 0.313” (8mm)
  • Height: 1.557” (39.5mm)
  • Weight: 35 grams ( 1.24 oz)
  • .0001 mcl to .01 mcl dispensing
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Data Sheets

3500 Product Flyer
3500 Data Sheet
SS3500 Manual
SS3500 in 3D PDF (Internet Explorer only)

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