Ultracure 9 UV LED Curing LightUltracure® 9

– UV LED Curing Light

The Ultracure® 9 UV LED curing light features the addition of a lens to the five LED UV curing device. The lens focuses the UV curing light, extending the effective range by three times over previous versions. This beam cures materials using the same power requirements as previous models. This increase in capability comes at no cost to durability and with 17,000 hours of LED life, this light could run eight hours a day, seven days a week for almost six years before needing a replacement.


Features and Benefits
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Curing
  • Extended curing range
  • 365nm High Output LED
  • Built in power regulation and overheating protection
  • Compact design
  • Fan air cooled
Status Indicator
  • Green lamp power on and working properly
  • Red lamp indicates Fault Conditions
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Data Sheets and Manuals

Ultracure® 9 Data Sheet
Ultracure® 9 Flyer

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