The Hernon® Ultracure® 22 is a hand held ultra-violet (UV) visual inspection device. While not visible in daylight, Hernon’s UV curing adhesives and sealants show up luminescent blue in UV light allowing instant identification of gaps or excess material application. Weighing a mere 9.2 grams, this key-chain attachable accessory is a must-have for for any administrator, sales person, or quality control specialist wanting to get the most out of every presentation. Nothing says sealed by Hernon’s high-tech UV adhesives like the luminescent blue ring on the back of a bullet.

Features and Benefits
  • Small Compact Size
  • Low Level UV Output to Ensure Minimal Product Curing While Inspecting
  • Pre-installed Long Life Batteries
  • Tough Exterior Plastic Shell
  • Light-weight Ergonomic Design Reduces Hand
    Fatigue When Checking Multiple Samples
  • Convenient Keychain Attachment
Technical Information
  • Weight: 9.2 Grams
  • Length: 40.5 mm (excluding keychain)
  • Width: 24 mm
  • Depth: 7.64 mm
  • Output Diameter: 4.25 mm
UV Curing Equipment
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