Ultracure 8Ultracure® 8

UV LED Curing Light

The Ultracure® 8 is a high output 2.5 W. per cm2 LED UV Curing system designed to quickly and completely alter the physical properties of a UV reactive bonding or sealing agent. The Ultracure® 8 includes a unique focused lens that concentrates the ultraviolet light to provide an extended curing range of 3x the standard distance of an Ultracure® 6 while maintaining the light intensity needed to produce a curing reaction. With UV array of 8mm x 50.4mm the compact design with extended range offers a larger array of mounting options and designs. Each Ultracure® 8 unit can produce 17,000+ hours of LED life and requires no replacement lamps or filters.


Features and Specs:
  • Ultra violet energy (UVE) cure
  • 2.5/W cm2 maximum output @ 365nm
  • 24 vdc input power state @ 700 mA
  • I/O port 5 pin CPC
  • Water cooled
  • The Ultracure® 8 has mounting options. 4 x M4 x 0.7 on the power base and 2 x M4 x 0.7 the light head.
UV Curing Equipment
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