Ultracure 8Ultracure® 8

The Ultracure® 8 is a water cooled, high intensity U.V. LED curing light. This unit is a two piece design with a cable connecting the printed circuit board (PCB) to the LED lights. The Ultracure® 8 features a lens to focus U.V. light output and extend the effective curing range by up to 3X that of unfocused lights with the same output.


Features and Benefits
  • Ultra violet energy (U.V.E.) cure
  • Lens increases U.V. intensity
  • Water cooled
  • 365nm high output LED
  • Compact design
  • 2 piece design with 1 or 5 meter cables
  • Liquid cooled
  • The Ultracure® 8 heat exchanger requires 1:1 solution of water and automotive antifreeze (ethylene glycol) with a flow rate of 40ml/min @ 25°C fluid temperature (0.6.34 gal/hour).
Status Indicator
  • Green lamp power on and working properly
  • Red lamp indicates fault conditions
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