Ultraspot 1000Ultraspot 1000

The Ultraspot 1000 is a high intensity, UV curing spot lamp used for the curing of adhesives, coatings, and potting materials. It emits UV light from a light guide. This guide can be hand-held for complete mobility, clamped into position for repetitive operations, or in automated equipment. Ultraspot 1000 Curing System includes the Ultraspot 1000 controller, switch pedal, power cord, and safety glasses.


Multiple Modes
  • Operation Manual Mode
    • In manual mode, the lamp shutter mode will remain open as long as a trigger signal is present. Shutter mode will close when trigger is removed.
  • Operation Timed Mode
    • In timed mode, a preset time is set in the PLC. When a cycle is activated, the shutter mode will open and close automatically based on the time set point.
Wands for Ultraspot 1000
  • 5mm x 1 meter long Liquid Optic Wand (PT# 107-003)
  • 8mm x 1 meter long Liquid Optic Wand (PT# 107-002)
  • 5mm x 1.5 meter (59”) long Liquid Optic Wand (PT# 107-010)
  • 8mm x 1.5 meter (59”) long Liquid Optic Wand (PT# 107-011)
  • Dual 3mm Wand (PT# 107-009)
  • Lineshot 3400 (PT# 107-008)
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Ultraspot 1000 Data Sheet
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