Ultraspot 1000UV Curing Equipment

We provide both Ultraspot and Ultracure UV equipment. Select the exact product you need for your application based on the wavelength, intensity and coverage. We also offer UV conveyors with consistent line speed, lamp height and intensity for UV light curing. Find out more about our UV Curing machines by scheduling a demo!
UV Curing Equipment

HERNON® offers a complete line of ultraviolet curing adhesives and compounds, the Ultrabond® line of products. These products are single component systems offering either ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light & primer initiated curing mechanisms. All Ultrabond products cure upon exposure to UV radiation.

UV Curing Adhesives
UV Curing Equipment
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Ultracure 6
Ultracure 7
Ultracure 9
Ultracure 100
Ultracure 1000
Ultraspot 1000
Ultra-conveyer 1000

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